保健管理センターにおける LGBT 学生への対応







  • カミングアウトに関すること
  • 性の健康に関すること
  • 妊娠・出産・子育てに関すること
  • 女らしさや男らしさに関すること
  • 氏名・性別に関すること
  • 治療に関すること
  • その他、どんなことでも。



独立行政法人日本学生支援機構(JASSO)作成 「大学における性的指向・性自認の多様な在り方の理解増進に向けて」

Information for LGBT students
Health Service Center of Shimane University

Periodic Student Health Check-ups and Requesting a Private Exam

During the annual student health examination, students are divided by both gender and school year.
However, a student may have a private health check-up if they make a request to the Health Center in advance.

Multipurpose Toilets

Toilets on campus are generally separated by gender. However, each building is equipped with a large multipurpose toilet designated for handicapped person, person who is accompanied by children or infants and who is not comfortable with using the toilet only for one gender. Multipurpose toilet is clearly marked by a sign of a wheel chair person outside the door.

Location of Multipurpose Toilets Map


  • Coming out
  • Sexual health
  • Pregnancy, birth and childcare issues
  • Issues regarding femininity and masculinity
  • Changin Name and/or Gender
  • Treament Anything else in addition to these

It is possible to consult about issues or problems regarding gender and sexuality, receive advice, or obtain information about support facilities located on and off campus (doctors, counselors, or specialized institutions). You can also talk to the counselor about things that are difficult to discuss with friend or other faculty.

We promise secrecy to protect your privacy. In case we need to share your information with other related divisions or faculty staff, we will inform you to obtain your agreement in advance. We also take enough care so no any disadvantages may occur on you.